Welcome to 6h Longhorns

In 1997 we bought our first ranch near Junction Texas. It was primarily for hunting but we needed some livestock for the Ag exemption. Texas longhorns were chosen because they were very cool but more importantly could take care of themselves. Living 300 miles away sometimes it was a couple weeks between times we saw them. For years we had cattle spread across the state at several friends ranches helping with their exemptions. In 2020 we bought a property at 8600 Whiddon Road in Chappell Hill Texas about an hour from home. We actually get rain at that ranch so we can run a lot more head there. About 10 years ago we started to get more serious about it. Studying genetics, pedigrees and different bulls progeny identifying offspring characteristics. Watching all the great programs and buying either young unproven or very old proven cows we put together some matings that have resulted in some really nice animals that we are proud of. We have been blessed by several of our matings working and paying off with many bronzes at the Horn Showcase and many of our calves making the club 40 on their first birthday. Feel free to call anytime to schedule a visit.

Herd Sires